Our Licensed Massage Therapists are encouraged to go above and beyond their required yearly training. They have had training in Cranial Sacral massage, Nurturing the Mother®; Pregnancy massage, Postpartum and Fertility massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Couples Massage Classes, Neuro Muscular Therapy, and of course, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.

We respect your modesty during our spa treatments careful draping procedures are followed at all times.


Signature Massage

A blissful combination of relaxation and treatment massage techniques. Reduce stress, create balance and begin to work the knots of tension out of your body.

1 hour: $90 • 1¼ hours: $105 • 1½ hours: $120 • 2 hours $145


Deep Tissue/Treatment Massage

Whether you choose a deep pressure approach or a more specialized technique, this massage will be customized to meet the needs of your body. It is often sought out to release chronic tension, speed the body’s ability to heal, or increase the flow of energy.

1 hour: $105• 1¼ hours: $125 • 1½ hours: $135 • 2 hours $165


Prenatal Massage

Deeply relax while our prenatal massage specialist nurtures you and your baby during your massage. This massage will help alleviate anxiety and tired muscles, promotes healthier skin, improves sleep quality and reduces the chance of postpartum depression.

1½ hours: $115 • 2 hours $135


Pure Relaxation

Take a deep breath and feel a sense of calm roll over you. This massage experience incorporates classic relaxation movements with a caring touch and gentle nerve strokes.

1 hour: $85 • 1¼ hours: $95 • 1½ hours: $105 • 2 hours $125.00


Lava Shell Massage

Our beautiful Lava Shells heat from within using natural ingredients soothe and relieve your body. Traditional Swedish Massage and the shells heat will relax you at the deepest level, creating physical and spiritual balance, internal harmony and positive energy flow.

1½ hours: $135 • 2 hours $155


Scalp Treatment

Essential oils are chosen for their ability to alleviate headaches, ease tight shoulders and thoroughly hydrate and balance the scalp. The head is wrapped in soothing warm towels as you relax while the scalp thoroughly absorbs healing botanicals. Enjoy your scalp treatment by itself or as an add-on to another massage service.

$50 by itself, $30 added to a massage

Sole Therapy Foot Treatment

A luxurious 30-minute service that includes a foot bath, exfoliation and a hydrating massage to revive tired feet. Customized essential oils, sea salts and our hydrating massage oil will help reduce inflammation and leave you feeling fresh and energized!  ½ hour: $50


Massage Enhancers ($20 each added to a massage)

  • Aromatherapy Essential oils help create a sense of well being.
  • Dry Brush Exfoliation Promotes soft, smooth skin and increases circulation.
  • Cold Stone Treatment Eases aches and pains and reduces inflammation.
  • Hot Lava Shells provide radiant heat to warm you from within and deeply relax and soothe muscles.


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